Sorrows of Pollution

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Sorrows of Pollution
Remi Cuomo
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Nahr al-Kabir known as various names throughout the Middle East. Beginning in southern Syria, running down through Lebanon before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. The image portrays the unfortunate issue of pollution around and within the river that runs through Akkar, Lebanon the second largest agricultural district in the country. The river was formerly used for irrigation by the farmers in the district as well as water supply for the livestock. The collection of images for this documentary project were taken between 2018-2019 prior to the uprising. At which point the increased pollution from the lack of government involvement in the refugee crisis caused the river to be nearly unusable. Various non-profit organizations continue to aid Akkar, refugees and the river in hopes of reviving the waters usability for food production. Sadly with the current state of Lebanon, its government and lack of global support the population and agriculture of this country continue to struggle.

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