Last Update: May 2024

SEED Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines, outline the expected conduct for all participants within the Seed.Photo digital art community. The Seed.Photo team is committed to maintain an environment that empowers artists and collectors to connect, collaborate, and participate in the digital art economy. In order to maintain an open and supportive community, the following guidelines have been established:
1.Respect Other Community Members:
Seed.Photo understands that most Art, Crypto & NFT communities are subject to disagreement or debate. Keep all discourse civil, open-minded, and respectful. Community members should engage in civil and constructive conversations, maintain an environment where creativity, talent, and innovation can develop.
2.Avoid Harassment and Hate Speech:
Individuals should not harass, bully, or intimidate others based on any characteristics, and refrain from promoting hateful or extremist ideologies within the Seed.Photo Community.
3.Resolve Disputes Respectfully:
Efforts should be made to resolve personal disputes in a respectful manner without involving the Seed.Photo Team.
4.Reject Hate:
Individuals should refrain from promoting or glorifying hateful ideologies or using hate speech or symbols.
5.Respect Privacy:
Participants should avoid sharing private or personally-identifying information, and respect the privacy of others.
6.Share with Attribution:
When sharing Seed.Photo artwork, individuals should ensure to provide proper attribution to the artist by including a link of the artwork from Seed.Photo’s website.
7.Avoid Spam:
Community members should refrain from posting unsolicited advertisements or duplicate content.
8.Do Not Hack:
Individuals are warned against attempting to hack, circumvent or exploit the Seed.Photo Smart Contracts.
9.Respect Intellectual Property:
Only original, authentic digital art should be minted and individuals should refrain from unauthorized use of other artists works.
10.Monitor Content:
Artists should ensure their work does not contain infringing content before minting tokens.
11.Maintain Marketplace Integrity:
Participants should engage in fair market activity and avoid fraudulent or manipulative behavior.
12.Use Seed.Photo’s Marketplace for Art Only:
Seed.Photo Marketplace should be utilized solely for artwork transactions, with users refraining from any illicit economic activity.
13.Follow the Law:
Participants should adhere to all relevant laws and regulations when engaging in the Seed.Photo community.
14.Join the Conversation:
Community involvement can be maximized by joining discussions on the Seed.Photo social media platforms.
Violations of These Guidelines
The enforcement of these guidelines is taken seriously, with appropriate actions taken against violations. Users are encouraged to report any concerning behavior and provide feedback for community improvement to [email protected]