How It Works

For NFT Collectors And Investors

SEED.Photo keeps the user interface and features simple. Inspired by the NFT Marketplaces, we make it easy for you:
  • Connect one of the supporting Web3 Wallets (MetaMask or WalletConnect)
  • Browse through the collection on the hub.
  • Place bids or purchase NFTs with the ease of wallet transactions.
  • Easily follow/unfollow or receive notifications for the Artist in SEED.Photo

For Artists, Creatives, And Photographers

SEED.Photo offers an opportunity for the photographers to create original NFTs and connect to the Web3 space. Join the space and thrive by following the simple steps:
1. Submit The Application
There is a form on the platform for the photographers to fill out and submit. After the submission, the application undergoes a review. This step ensures that genuine photographers join the community. SEED.Photo takes extensive measures to prevent any form of copyright infringements, frauds, and other similar elements. The entire seed ecosystem is based on the promotion of the original art.

The Referral Protocol

To ensure the best quality and flourishing community of genuine artists, SEED.Photo has incorporated a referral link feature. Therefore, to join the community as an artist, you would need a referral link from an existing member.

  • Existing members (Artists) can provide the referral links to a person as an invitation to join.
  • The partner community members of the platform can also provide referral links.
2. Mint The RAW Files
SEED.Photo aims to disrupt the digital dimension by introducing opportunities to the photographers to mint photographs in various formats, including RAW files. There won’t be a restriction of only selecting and using the JPEG, PNG, or any other space-conserving formats. Upon the approval of the request, you can:
  • Upload the artwork, i.e., the image file (supports various formats, including RAW).
  • Mint the artwork and pay a viable minting fee.
  • Provide a listing to the minted artwork.

Listing has a separate fee, but you receive various options to either set a fixed price or auction it with the target price and instance price. This provides flexibility to all kinds of photographers.

Initiate A Joint Venture Of Creatives - Multiple Wallet Support

Often, a photograph is a combination of efforts from multiple people. It includes a photographer, model, makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion designer, editing expert, and more. Each category of photographs requires a specific line of experts working together.

SEED.Photo offers an excellent opportunity for these creative professionals to work together and share the profits through the NFTs. SEED.Photo brings a unique feature of creating a single NFT that is linked to multiple wallets. You can easily customize and set a specific percentage for each wallet.

Hence, you receive a remarkable method to provide everyone with their shared credit and profit for the minted NFT. This is to ensure the positive spirit of community building.

3. Engage In Social Aspects
SEED.Photo is working on building a highly sustainable and mutually supportive community of creators in the field of photography. The application process ensures that the dedicated personnel joins the hub.
Apart from the minting NFTs, there are social aspects of connecting with other artists through the Follow / Unfollow button. You can customize notifications and activate them to keep yourself in the loop. There are features that allow you to create a complete photo collection.
4. Ensure Exclusivity
SEED.Photo is the NFT Marketplace, one-of-a-kind, to offer to mint the RAW files. It enables tracking and proving the authentic source for quality control. The process automatically obtains metadata and imbues it with the NFT for authenticity.
  • No compromise to the quality of photographs.
  • Smart Police Market to overview quality and any copyright infringement or frauds.
5. Generate Lucrative Revenue
SEED.Photo uses Binance Smart Chain and the Smart Contracts. We do not support or accept any other smart contract to ensure optimum flow and maintenance. Using Binance Smart Chain ensures cost-efficient minting of NFTs through lower gas fees. The transfer of NFT assets also costs less. Thus, increasing the overall gain for the photographers.

Royalty For Life

Binance Smart Contract ensures that the photographer will always receive a fraction of the transaction each time the NFT is sold or transferred (or used). This provides a stable source of income for photographers on their minted NFTs in the form of royalties.

Referral Rewards

The referral links also come with enticing rewards to further empower the community and promote coexistence.

  • You gain 10% of platform profit by using referral marketing.
6. Enjoy The Membership Perks
Upon joining SEED.Photo, you gain access to an array of features mentioned above. You become a part of the fast-growing and exclusive community. It also comes with additional benefits like:
  • Extensive storage for over 10 years for each uploaded NFT.
  • VIP Membership Perks (Customised Smart Contracts)
7. No Restriction To The Art
We aim to cover extraordinary photographers worldwide. Therefore, we are not limited to one type of image or photography work.
We accept all forms of photography, including:
  • Portraits
  • Modeling
  • Photojournalism
  • Editorial
  • Wildlife
  • Landscape
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Still Life
  • Aerial
  • Macro
  • Abstract
  • Drone
  • Conceptual
  • Night
Ergo, you have the freedom to join the Metaverse, and ease of access to the Web3 space.

Why Use SEED?

At a glance, SEED is a specialized and decentralized marketplace for photographers. It is the first-ever NFT and Web3 hub for photographers. However, it isn’t just a hub to trade NFTs but a platform that offers all the resources, opportunities, and features a content creator would need to thrive in the NFT space.
1. A Complete NFT Hub

You can seamlessly upload and mint new NFTs. Then you can choose to display, exchange, or sell them as you deem fit. Either way, you can access the built-in storage for extensive storage requirements.
As a creator and owner, you completely control what you do with NFTs. You may sell them at a fixed price or open the NFTs for auction.

2. Covers Every Style

There isn’t any restriction on the type of photographs you can upload or mint. You can have any kind of photograph and turn it into an NFT. SEED allows you to cover every spectrum of photography like portraits, landscape, fashion, modeling, sports, macro, wildlife, still life, and more.
Our objective isn’t to restrict the photographers but provide them the freedom and fluidity to join the NFT world as they deem fit. We aim to create a community for photographers that empowers them and enhances their talents.

3. Supports Every Format

There’s no need for you to be confined to limits like file size or format. You can choose the size and format to mint new NFTs without restriction. SEED is the only platform to support RAW files directly ported from your cameras.
The metadata from the photographs is automatically imbued to the minted NFT for authenticity and as an extra layer of quality assurance.

4. Layer-2 Excellence

A layer-2 protocol is an upgrade to the pre-existing blockchain protocols. It helps in faster transactions and offers energy efficiency. SEED.Photo also uses the layer-2 infrastructure for NFTs. Some of the USPs of Layer-2 are:

  • Cost-efficient NFT minting.
  • Higher security for storage and transfers.
  • Faster transactions to reduce gas fees.
  • Quick authentication to eliminate fake or knock-off NFTs.

SEED.Photo is built in Binance Smart Chain. In itself, BNC offers low transaction fees and fast NFT minting. It is one of the most affordable blockchains available. Binance Smart Chain has been partnering with industry leaders and celebrities, which showcases its potential.

5. True Ownership For You

Alongside Layer-2 protocols, SEED.Photo puts effort into safeguarding your assets. We have a dedicated team, like Smart Police, to ensure that the creators won’t have to worry about copyright infringements.

As you hold the ownership of the NFTs you mint, you also receive Royalties. SEED offers royalties to all the team members.

6. Smart Contract To Bridge Real World

To enforce authenticity and true ownership, we also incorporate smart contracts. These contracts have been tested in the real world to provide value. Additionally, each artist receives an exclusive NFT contract address. There are also customized smart contracts for VIP members. These ensure proper allocation of funds.

There is also a team to evaluate the work and assist with pricing, among other things, if you require the valuation. Furthermore, we provide all forms of resources and support a person might need to establish a firm foundation in NFT, or WEB 3 space.

7. Dedicated IPFS For WEB 3 Storage

There’s a misconception behind the claim that “NFTs live on the blockchain forever.” Truth be told, only the consensus they follow is stored on the blockchain. For example, Proof Of Ownership, Proof Of Transfer, etc.

Blockchains have a high cost and low space limitations. Therefore, it is impractical for it to provide the storage needed to maintain high-quality photographs, especially those in RAW or other premium formats.

That’s where SEED.Photo comes into play with a dedicated IPFS. We have invested and worked extensively on building private and clustered IPFS gateway. It offers perfect storage for your NFTs for a lifetime without impacting the data or quality.

8. Assurance Of IPFS

The IPFS integration also offers many other benefits:

  • You receive real-time access to cloud servers secured by WAF and Firewalls.
  • Decentralized, immutable, and verifiable storage.
  • Create immutable links to the NFT’s metadata.
  • 10+ Years of Storage facilities.
Frequently asked questions


Answers to all of your most miscellaneous questions.
1. What Is SEED.Photo?
SEED.Photo is an NFT minting platform for Photographers. Users can capture, edit and upload different photographs and turn them into NFT to join the Web3 space. SEED.Photo allows the uploading and sharing of RAW files without the need to convert them to JPEG or any other format. We also support other formats.
2. What Is Proxy.Photo?
Proxy.Photo is a medium through which photographers worldwide can connect to the Web3 space. It offers resources for photographers to easily adapt to Web3 and settle. Even if you don’t know anything about Web3, Proxy.Photo will assist you.
3.Which Blockchain Does SEED.Photo Use?
SEED.Photo uses Binance Smart Chain with proof of authority consensus and smart contracts. This is to ensure long-term sustainability and easy scalability for users worldwide.
4. Which Wallet Does SEED.Photo Supports?
Currently, SEED.Photo supports MetaMask Wallet and WalletConnect .
5. How To Mint NFTs On SEED.Photo?
  • Upload an original photo.
  • Mint the NFT by paying the minting price.
  • Provide a listing to the NFT.
  • Choose the price style (fixed price or auction)
6. Who Can Use SEED.Photo?
Photographers that seek to join the Web3 or mint their photographs into NFTs can join SEED.Photo. Creatives that come together with a joint venture (Models, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Editors, Designers) to also mint the NFTs and join SEED.Photo to share profits.
7. Are There Copyright Regulations To Follow?
SEED.Photo has Smart Police features and strong regulations to prevent copyright infringement and other frauds. We aim to provide the best experience and eliminate duplicates, illegal use of photographs, etc.
8. Can I Use The Photograph I Found To Mint NFTs?
A user should and can upload the photographs they own. The platform will collect Metadata from the file to authenticate the NFT. You can’t use any picture you found on the internet or anywhere else unless you own it. We don’t allow copyright infringement.
9. How To Join SEED.Photo?
There is a form available for the visitors to fill and submit. It will undergo a review by SEED.Photo and upon approval, you can access SEED.Photo. However, some photographers (with rigidity) could require KYC.
10. What Kind Of Photographs Can You Upload And Mint?
SEED.Photo doesn’t restrict any specific kind of photograph. You can upload any theme or type of photograph like Portraits, Landscapes, Macros, Drone, Aerial, Models, Nature, Sports, etc. You just need to make sure that these are original and owned by you.
11. How To Earn By Minting NFT Photographs?
NFTs have opened a new frontier for artists worldwide, especially for visual artwork like Photographs. You can list your work after converting it to NFT and choose a fixed price or an auction option. Correlatively, the interested people will bid or buy the NFT. You will also maintain a stream of royalty.
12. What Is The NFT Gas Fee Of Binance Smart Chain?
Binance Smart Chain charges 0.022 BNB for each NFT minted. Meanwhile, the gas fees could be as low as $0.5 to under $10 at best. These price predictions are according to the analysis of the previous trends, increases, and decreases in the market value. It could change.