How It Works

For NFT Collectors And Investors

SEED.Photo keeps the user interface and features simple. Inspired by the NFT Marketplaces, we make it easy for you:
  • Connect one of the supporting Web3 Wallets (MetaMask or WalletConnect)
  • Browse through the collection on the hub.
  • Place bids or purchase NFTs with the ease of wallet transactions.
  • Easily follow/unfollow or receive notifications for the Artist in SEED.Photo

For Artists, Creatives, And Photographers

SEED.Photo offers an opportunity for the photographers to create original NFTs and connect to the Web3 space. Join the space and thrive by following the simple steps:
1. Submit The Application
2. Mint The RAW Files
3. Engage In Social Aspects
4. Ensure Exclusivity
5. Generate Lucrative Revenue
6. Enjoy The Membership Perks
7. No Restriction To The Art