Last Update: 28 aug 2022

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SEED.Photo Privacy Policy

SEED.Photo prioritizes users' privacy above all else, ensuring that their personal information is safeguarded. The platform dedicates this section to providing comprehensive information on data collection practices, how the platform utilizes this data, and any sharing policies. This section encompasses all aspects related to privacy and personal information, including visits to the platform, NFT creation, file uploads, buying or selling activities, transfers, and other interactions. It addresses privacy concerns across SEED.Photo as a whole, including both the website (Platform) and the marketplace.

Consent Notice

Consent Notice (Disclaimer):

Upon joining SEED.Photo or utilizing its services, users are bound by its Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines. Any information provided through form submissions, profile edits, or general platform usage is voluntary and at the discretion of the user. The platform does not recommend sharing personal information, credentials, or other valuable data with other members or unknown parties. However, should users choose to do so, the platform disclaims responsibility. For additional queries, requests, or information, users are encouraged to contact customer care via email.

A. Personal Information Collection

SEED.Photo collects information that is related to KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and important for the identification of an individual. SEED.Photo collects the personally identifiable information. These include:

1. Creation Of An Account

When users opt to sign up and register with the platform, the platform collects their username and email address. The account creation process is finalized by filling out a form, allowing users to provide the necessary below information if they choose to do so:

  • Profile Picture, And Other Images
  • Location
  • First Name, Middle Name, And Last Name.
  • Social Media Accounts And Other Websites
  • Biography, Awards, Quotes
  • Referral ID
  • Photography Type
  • Generally accepted ID Card (For example: Government ID, Driving License, etc)

Users have the option to decide whether they wish to share accurate information or not. Should they desire to join the first decentralized marketplace for photographers, they may be required to furnish the following details:

  • Your full name (real)
  • A link to a portfolio, or social media links to showcase your work
  • A valid email address for contact information
  • Information related to you and your artwork

SEED.Photo may ask for information on any websites users are connected to.

2. Wallet Connection

Users are required to connect their Web3 wallet (MetaMask, or WalletConnect) with their account. Upon doing so, SEED.Photo will collect the Wallet information and credentials that are kept secure and not shared with any third-party.

3. Access And Data Usage

  • SEED.Photo provides information about cookies in a separate section below; further details can be found by continuing to read.
  • Data on your platform usage is collected for analytical purposes to ensure optimal performance.
  • Reporting bugs, glitches, or problems is taken into consideration if users choose to submit such information.
  • An extensive database of user activity, including likes, follows, views, and other analytical data, is maintained on the platform.

B. Using The Information SEED.Photo Collects

The platform collects personal identification information from users to verify the authenticity of individuals joining the platform. This involves cross-checking links to social media and websites provided by users, as well as authenticating ID information and names. Additionally, users will receive an authentication email upon registration.

1. Other Reasons For Information Collection:

  • Maintaining the platform and its functionality to uphold quality and community standards.
  • Granting users the freedom to create, list, buy, transfer, sell, or trade unique digital arts (NFTs).
  • Keeping users informed about updates, security alerts, authentications, and confirmations.
  • Responding to support requests, questions, queries, comments, etc.
  • Providing support upon request.
  • Offering a personalized and customized experience based on platform usage.
  • Sharing information with users about products, services, promotions, surveys, or news that may be of interest.
  • Delivering up-to-date editorial and newsletter content based on provided contact information.

Analyzing usage data to ensure optimal platform functionality and user experience, particularly in response to support requests concerning the platform.

2. Algorithm Data Usage

Data is also utilized and collected from users to enhance and improve algorithms. These algorithms do not make significant decisions such as purchases or trades for the users. Instead, the focus is on enhancing user experience by providing better suggestions, recommendations, and other services.

The user data, interest, queries, and searches may be cross-referenced to improve algorithms to provide more relatable or preferable results to the users. SEED.Photo may use the data to prevent any criminal activity on the platform.

3. Using Form Data

The data provided in the form is used to cross-check, evaluate, and authenticate a user. It is to ensure that users meet the criteria for joining the platform. Other uses include:

  • Tracking application trends
  • Contacting the users

C. Sharing User Information

The platform does not share information with third-party platforms, websites, or services. If users choose to click on an advertisement banner and visit or use the linked platform, it is done so at their own discretion and decision. The platform is not responsible for these actions, and it is clarified that there is no connection to the displayed advertisements.

Nevertheless, here are some pointers for users:

  • SEED.Photo employs a wide range of service providers. These include chat, storage, intercom and customer service facilities. While SEED.Photo tries to be self-sufficient and limit the information to the platform, it may share the necessary information with these service providers to ensure they can complete the task on its behalf.
  • SEED.Photo only employs and integrates the service providers that will not use or sell user data, and user information to third-party providers. These service providers will only use the information necessary to finish the specific function or duty.
  • SEED.Photo tries its best to follow well-versed privacy policies, but cannot guarantee 100% privacy practices.

D. Cookies

Cookies are employed to enhance user experience, achieved through the collection of usage data and performance analytics. Basic analytical data is gathered by means of cookies, typically fragments of data, often stored as text files on the user's computer's local drive.

The platform utilizes both first-party and third-party cookies, including those that may be temporarily stored, such as when using a browser's incognito mode. Certain cookies are temporary by default, even during general web browser use.

Others may be stored permanently, particularly within the user's browser, to collect and utilize data. Even after users have departed from the platform, data collection persists for analytical purposes.

1. Cookie Usage

How does SEED.Photo use cookies?

  • The platform utilizes cookies to acquire analytical data, which reflects the functionality of the platform. This data encompasses performance indicators such as page loading speed and proper functionality of features like chat services, connectivity, and other essential aspects.
  • Cookies are employed to store and collect data whenever a user interacts with any feature or service on the platform. This feedback loop aids in the continuous improvement of features and enhances overall performance, thus contributing to a better user experience.
  • Cookies serve as a means for the platform to gather and utilize relevant information for delivering targeted advertisements, offers, and other results. This data is utilized to refine marketing strategies, improve content recommendations, and enhance algorithms. It's important to note that most marketing data collected through cookies is automated and remains anonymous.
  • The platform collaborates with companies like Google and utilizes native tools such as Google Analytics for similar purposes mentioned earlier. However, users have the option to opt out of these data collection practices by adjusting settings within their native browser.

2. Preventing Cookies (Blocking, Limiting, etc.)

In accordance with current regulations, the platform offers users full control and choice over the use of cookies. Users have the option to prevent cookies from tracking their activity by disabling or declining all cookies, or by customizing their preferences to allow only selected cookies. Detailed guidance on how to manage cookies is provided by each leading browser. Below are quick links for user reference:

Users have the option to block cookies entirely. However, it's important to note that many cookies contribute to the user experience, and disabling them may result in certain functions being unavailable, leading to a compromised and less favorable experience for users.

Additionally, users can choose to restrict or prevent interest-based advertisements by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance's or Network Advertising Initiative's websites. These platforms offer options to manage preferences related to online advertising.

The platform adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is aligned with its principles. Users can find more information on GDPR compliance by visiting the provided link.

E. MetaData And On-Chain Data

Through the utilization of SEED.Photo, users acknowledge that their Personal Identification Information (PII) and associated wallet address are stored on publicly accessible and searchable platforms like all incorporated Blockchains. Neither SEED.Photo nor any third-party entity possesses the authority to alter or delete such data once it has been published by the user onto platforms such as the Binance Smart Chain or any other chosen blockchain.

Users agree to release and indemnify SEED.Photo and its personnel from any liability concerning data privacy associated with information voluntarily published or shared on platforms like the Binance Smart Chain or Binance Blockchain through the use of SEED.Photo.

1. Wallet And Transaction History

Access to wallet information and transaction history is strictly limited. Only the user, as the owner of the wallet Identity, or individuals possessing the necessary information to access the wallet, can view the history or utilize the wallet.

Wallet information, contact details, and wallet addresses are stored on the Blockchain Smart Chain. The blockchain utilize Wallet Addresses for transactions, such as token transfers and receiving or making payments on platforms, with authentication and consent from the user.

In the event of an account deletion, past transactions and history will be associated with an anonymous user rather than the user's username.

2. Minted Artwork

When minting NFTs and uploading content on SEED.Photo, users voluntarily embed corresponding metadata into their digital assets to guarantee authenticity. This metadata and the information contained within it cannot be edited, customized, removed, or deleted.

The metadata associated with NFTs is not private, and any data, including personally identifiable information (PII), contained within it can be accessed and utilized by the holder or owner of the NFT at the time.

Users, participating entities, and platforms involved in minting, selling, transferring, and utilizing these digital assets bear the responsibility of securing and safeguarding their respective PII and other information, including any sensitive data.

F. Your Rights

1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The platform adheres to and complies fully with the General Data Protection Regulations. Users are encouraged to contact the appropriate authorities for any information or queries they may have. Additionally, users are entitled to the following rights and freedoms:

  • Unsubscribe or opt out of any marketing communication.
  • Gain access to the personal information and credentials that the platform has stored or acquired from them.
  • Gain access to how SEED.Photo collects and uses the data.
  • Edit, update, delete or correct any information on their profile, and personal data
  • Request through platform services to restore any deleted or removed data.
  • Request SEED.Photo to export their data directly to them or to a third-party platform of their choosing.
  • Ask to put restrictions or limitations on the processing of the users PII.
  • Object in case the platform is not providing them with their rights or if there are concerns regarding the correct usage of data, especially concerning PII.

Users have the freedom to unsubscribe from notifications, newsletters, and other communications. They retain the option to receive no information or notifications and have the autonomy to fully customize their preferences regarding the type and frequency of information they receive.

Additionally, users can exercise their right to be forgotten.

2. Privacy Rights

If the platform is accessible in a user's state or region, it indicates compliance with the privacy rights applicable there. Exceptions to these rights are outlined in various sections above, thus users are advised to review them accordingly. Additionally:

  • SEED.Photo refrains from disclosing user information to third-party platforms, particularly for their direct marketing needs. However, we may share aggregated usage and analytics data on performance, which does not personally identify individuals. Our aim is to uphold maximum anonymity, even for business purposes such as marketing, research, and analytics.
  • The platform complies with the 'Do Not Track' feature provided there is a governing body or organization for these signals. In the absence of a uniform industry standard, compliance with Do Not Track is not feasible due to the lack of set regulations. Therefore, users are encouraged to verify the regulations applicable in their respective areas.

G. Age Regulations

The platform is accessible to individuals aged 18 and above. Given that photography is a form of free art, there may be explicit content present. Users below the age of 18 are not permitted to join. However, the platform does not accept responsibility for false information provided by users to gain access. Efforts are made to maintain the quality of the community and authenticate members before granting access.

The platform does not intentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 13. In the event that such information is inadvertently obtained, it will be promptly deleted from the files. Users can also contact the platform for assistance in deleting any such information.

H. Third-Party Services, Links, Etc.

The platform assumes responsibility for its own privacy policies, terms and conditions, and community guidelines. However, it is important to note that these policies and information do not extend to third-party websites, services, products, or advertisements, for which the platform does not bear responsibility.

The platform does not hold accountability for the privacy policies, community guidelines, or terms and conditions of third-party entities. Users are advised to review the privacy policies and other pertinent information of these platforms before usage.

Users should always ensure to read and verify the rights and other relevant information on any platform they choose to join, browse, or use.

I. Complaints, Disputes, and Actions

If SEED.Photo receives any notice, complaint, dispute, or legal actions against any member of the platform, including artists, collectors, the platform itself, staff members, etc., it will comply and provide all necessary information.

The required contact information includes:

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Handles
  • Real Name and Username
  • Registered Binance Smart Chain Address
  • Connect Wallet Address

By utilizing the SEED.Photo platform, users consent to waive any privacy expectations regarding their contact information and personal data in the event that SEED.Photo receives any legal notice, administrative notice, or any other type of complaint, dispute, or action related to their usage.

1. Disputes, Complains And Notice Could Include:

  • Contract
  • Tort
  • Right Of Publicity
  • Privacy
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Any other legal, regularity, or administrative claim

2. Copyright Infringement

SEED.Photo is in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA sets forth a Notification and Counter-Notification process initiated by a party complaining of alleged copyright infringement.

SEED.Photo also reserves right to share information of any involved party (notifying, country-notifying, third-party, etc.) in case of:

  • Copyright infringements
  • Intellectual property claims
  • Trademark disputes

In relation to any infringing property or artwork in question, the platform will cover all participants, sharing information for the purpose of complying with the DMCA or resolving the dispute or allegation.

As outlined in the Terms & Conditions, parties are permitted to resolve their complaints, disputes, intellectual property issues, contracts, etc., without the involvement of SEED.Photo.

J. Please Note (Important Notice)

None of our terms & conditions, or privacy policies will restrict us from the following:

  • Complying with the law, rules, regulations of the organizations, associations, and government that we operate under. (DMCA, Trademark, IP Regulations, etc.)
  • Complying with criminal, civil, subpoena, or lawful court order.
  • Compliance with the investigation or regulatory inquiry.
  • Cooperation with the law enforcement agencies and organizations.
  • Taking actions against anything or anyone that we reasonably, and in good faith, believe may be against the law, or violate the laws

In these cases, all the privacy policies and Terms and conditions are negligible.

SEED.Photo has the complete right to protect its rights and properties, enforce its terms of services, terms and conditions, or prevent behaviors that SEED.Photo might believe are illegal or unethical.

  • Cooperate with law enforcement agencies about conduct we reasonably and in good faith believe may violate the law.
  • Protect our rights or our property.
  • Enforce our Terms of Service.
  • Prevent behavior that is illegal or unethical.

K. Changes To Privacy Policy

The platform strives to safeguard user privacy and remains committed to maintaining this standard. While the platform may evolve and improve over time, its dedication to preserving user privacy will remain unchanged.

Efforts will be made to keep users informed about any updates to the privacy policy. Each version of the policy will be clearly dated to ensure users are kept informed. In the event of any material changes to the Privacy Policy, updates will be communicated to users through appropriate channels. Should any changes require user consent and re-authentication, users will be promptly notified.

The Policies and other conditions are subjected to change in case of new rules and regulations from any governing bodies, or associated organizations.

L. For Questions And Query

Users can reach out to the platform with any queries or questions regarding Privacy Policies and related matters. They are encouraged to locate the contact information provided to facilitate communication.