Last Update: 28 aug 2022

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SEED.Photo Privacy Policy

We prioritize your privacy over everything else. SEED.Photo is a platform that keeps privacy under consideration. This section is dedicated to providing you complete information on how we collect data and information. You will also learn about how the platform uses this data, and if we share it. We cover everything regarding privacy and personal information in this section.

This includes your visit to the platform, creating NFTs, uploading files, buying or selling anything, making any kind of transfer, among other things. It covers SEED.Photo as a whole, including the website (Platform) and the marketplace.

Consent Notice

Consent Notice (Disclaimer):

By joining SEED.Photo, or using it, you agree to its Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines.

Any information that you provide by filling forms, editing profile, or using the platform in general, is at your free will and choice.

We do not advise you to share your personal information, credentials, and other valuable information to other members, or unknown parties. However, if you choose to do so, we are not responsible.

For any extra query, request, or information, feel free to reach out to us on the customer care email.

A. Personal Information Collection

SEED.Photo collects information that is related to KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and important for the identification of an individual. We collect the personally identifiable information. These include:

1. Creation Of An Account

When you choose to sign up and register with our platform, we will collect the username and email address. Creation of the account is completed by filling the form. Therefore, you may choose to provide the following information:

  • Profile Picture, And Other Images
  • Location
  • First Name, Middle Name, And Last Name.
  • Social Media Accounts And Other Websites
  • Biography, Awards, Quotes
  • Referral ID
  • Photography Type
  • Generally accepted ID Card (For example: Government ID, Driving License, etc)

It is up to you whether you choose to share the correct information or not. If you want to join the first decentralized marketplace for photographers, you might have to provide the following information:

  • Your full name (real)
  • A link to a portfolio, or social media links to showcase your work
  • A valid email address for contact information
  • Information related to you and your artwork

We may ask for information on any websites you’re connected with

2. Wallet Connection

You are required to connect your Web 3 wallet (MetaMask, or WalletConnect) with your account. Upon doing so, we will collect the Wallet information and credentials that are kept secure and not shared with any third-party.

3. Visit And Use Data

  • SEED.Photo offers cookies and we cover it in a different segment below, so keep reading for that
  • We also collect data regarding your usage of the platform. The analytical data is to ensure optimum performance
  • If you choose to report bugs, glitches, or problems, we also take them under consideration
  • We also keep an extensive database of complete user activity on the platform. Your likes, follows, views, and other analytical data on the platform is collected

B. Using The Information We Collect

We collect personal identification information from the users to ensure that only genuine and authentic individuals join our platform. Therefore, we may cross-check the links to social-media, and websites provided to us. We will also authenticate the ID information and the name provided to us. You will also receive authentication on the Email address provided to us.

1. Other Reasons To Collect The Information:

  • Maintain the platform and its functionality with quality and community
  • Provide you freedom to create, list, buy, transfer, sell, or trade the unique digital arts (NFTs)
  • Keep you notified of updated, security alerts, authentications, and confirmations
  • Respond to any request of support, question, query, comments, etc
  • Provide support whenever requested
  • Provide a personalized and customized experience according to your platform usage
  • Share information (with you) about any product, service, promotion, survey, or news that we think would interest you
  • Provide up to date editorial and newsletter content on the contact information provided

We may also analyze the usage data to ensure that our platform is working optimally and providing you a favorable experience. This is especially true when you raise a support request regarding the platform.

2. Algorithm Data Usage

We also use and collect data from users to enhance and improve algorithms. These won’t make any drastic decisions like purchase, or trades, for the users. However, it is all about improving user experience, and providing better suggestions, recommendations, and other services.

The user data, interest, queries, and searches may be cross-referenced to improve algorithms to provide more relatable or preferable results to the users. We may use the data to prevent any criminal activity on the platform.

3. Using Form Data

The data provided in the form is used to cross-check, evaluate, and authenticate a user. It is to ensure that you meet the criteria for joining the platform. Other uses include:

  • Tracking application trends
  • Contacting the users

C. Sharing User Information

We do not share information to third-party platforms, websites, or services. If you see an advertisement banner and choose to click it to visit it, or use it, then we are not responsible for it. It will be at your consent and your decision to join that platform. We are not connected to these advertisements.

However, here are some pointers for you:

  • We employ a wide range of service providers. These include chat, storage, intercom and customer service facilities. While we try to be self-sufficient and limit the information to the platform, we may share the necessary information with these service providers to ensure they can complete the task on our behalf
  • We only employ and integrate the service providers that won’t use or sell your data, and user information to third-party providers. These service providers will only use the information necessary to finish the specific function or duty
  • We try our best to follow well-versed privacy policies, but we can’t guarantee 100% privacy practices

D. Cookies

Cookies are used to improve user experience. It is done by collecting usage data, and performance analytics. We collect basic analytical data by using cookies. A cookie is generally a fragment of data, often a text file, stored on your computer’s local drive

We also use and incorporate first-party and third-party cookies. These cookies could be temporarily stored, like through Browser’s incognito mode. Some are temporary by default, even in the general web browser use

Others could be stored permanently, especially on your browser, to collect and use the data. Even after you have left the platform, the data is collected for analytical purposes

1. Cookie Usage

How does SEED.Photo use cookies?

  • We use cookies to acquire analytical data. The data represents the functionality of the platform. For example, it includes performance data like if the page loads properly and at optimum speed, and if you can access chat features, the connectivity, and other integral data
  • We use cookies to store and collect data whenever a user accesses any feature or service. This is to generate feedback and improvement dynamics for the feature. This also goes for performance and service improvement for user experience
  • The cookies are also a medium for us to collect and use relevant information that will provide you relevant ads, offers, and other results. We use the cookie data to improve and refine our marketing endeavors, strategies, and tactics. These enable us to provide you better content, suggestions, and improve our algorithm. Most marketing data is automated and anonymous
  • We also partner with companies like Google to use native tools like Google Analytics for the similar purposes mentioned above. However, you can opt out of these by using the native browser’s settings

2. Preventing Cookies (Blocking, Limiting, etc.)

As per the latest regulations, we provide you a complete control and choice on the cookies. You can choose to prevent cookies from tracking your activity. You may choose to disable, or decline all cookies, or use the platform to customize and choose selected cookies. Each world-class browser comes with a guide on how to control cookies better. Here are the quick links for you:

You may also choose to block cookies completely. However, many cookies are responsible for user experience and some functions may not be available and result in impaired and unfavorable experience to the users

You can also choose to restrict or prevent interest-based advertisements by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Digital Advertising Alliance’s or Network Advertising Initiative’s Network Advertising Initiative’s websites.We also comply with GDPR and are in alliance. So, you can visit this linkfor more information

E. MetaData And On-Chain Data

By using SEED.Photo, you hereby acknowledge that your Personal Identification Information (PII) and the connected wallet address is stored on publicly accessible and searchable Binance Smart Chain. Neither SEED.Photo, or any other third-party has any power to delete or modify such data published by the user and the owner to Binance Smart Chain, or any other chain you choose to use.

You hereby release and indemnify SEED.Photo and its staff of any data privacy liability associated with the data that you choose to publish or share on the Binance Smart Chain, or Binance Blockchain, by using SEED.Photo.

1. Wallet And Transaction History

Nobody has access to your wallet information or transaction history. Only you, as a user, and owner of the wallet Identity, or anyone else with the same information needed to access the wallet, can check the history or use the wallet.

The information of the wallet, the contact details, and wallet address are stored on Binance Smart Change. It isa public blockchain that will use your Wallet Address for transactions like transferring tokens from one wallet to another, receiving or making payments on the platforms. These will be through your authentication and consent.

If you delete your account, any past transactions and history will reflect an anonymous user, and not your user name.

2. Minted Work

By minting NFTs and uploading any work on SEED.Photo, you voluntarily embed the correlative metadata to the digital assets to ensure authenticity. The Metadata and information in it will not be available for editing, customization, removal, or deletion.

The Metadata is not private and any data, including PII, on it can be used by the holder or owner of the NFT at the time.

Any user, participating entity, and platforms associated with minting, sales, transfer, and use of these digital assets are responsible for securing and safeguarding their respective PII and other information, including any sensitive data.

F. Your Rights

1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We follow and comply with the complete General Data Protection Regulations. You can contact them for any information, or query. Users have rights and freedom to:

  • Unsubscribe or opt out of any marketing communication
  • Gain access to the personal information and credentials we have stored or acquired from them
  • Gain access to how we collect and use the data
  • You can edit, update, delete or correct any information on your profile, and personal data
  • You can reach out to our services to have any data deleted or removed. If it is under compliance, we shall follow
  • As you own your data, you have freedom to ask us to export it to you or any third-party platform of your choice
  • You can ask to put restrictions or limitations on the processing of your PII
  • If you think that we are not providing you the rights, or that we are not using the data correctly, regarding the PII, you can object to us any time

You have freedom to unsubscribe from notifications, newsletter, and other information. You can choose to receive no information or notification, and have freedom to completely customize how and what information you receive.

You can also exercise your right to be forgotten.

2. Privacy Rights

If we are available and accessible in your state, or region, it means that we comply with the privacy rights there. The only exceptions to the rights are listed above in different sections. So, make sure to read them. Additionally:

  • SEED.Photo doesn’t provide your information to the third-party platforms, especially for their direct marketing requirements. We may share information like an aggregate of usage and analytics on the performance. Any information shared doesn’t personally identify you. We seek to maintain utmost anonymity, even for our business purposes, marketing, research, analytics, etc.
  • We comply with the ‘Do Not Track’ feature as long as there is a regulating body or organization for these signals. If there isn’t any uniform industry standard, we can not comply with Do Not Track as there are no set regulations. So, please check these regulations in your area.

G. Age Regulations

The platform is available for people above the age of 18. There could be explicit content as photography is a free art form. We do not allow anyone below the age of 18 to join. However, we won’t take any responsibility for the false information provided to us to access the platform. We try our best to overview the quality of the community and authenticate the members before allowing them in the platform.

We do not unwillingly collect any personal information from children under the age of 13. If that happens, we will delete the information from our files. You can also reach out to us and contact us to help you delete the information.

H. Third-Party Services, Links, Etc.

As stated before, we take responsibility for our privacy policies, terms and conditions, and community guidelines. However, these policies and information don’t apply to any third-party website, service, product, or advertisement. Nor do we take any responsibility for them.

We are not responsible for their privacy policies, community guidelines or terms and conditions. Make sure to always read their privacy policies and other relevant information before using any platform.

Always make sure to read and check for the rights, among other information on any platform that you choose to join, browse, use, etc.

I. Complaints, Disputes, and Actions

If we, SEED.Photo, receives any notice, complaint, dispute, or legal actions against any member of the platform, including artists, collectors, the platform itself, staff members, etc., then we shall comply and relay all the necessary information.

The necessary contact information includes:

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Handles
  • Real Name and Username
  • Registered Binance Smart Chain Address
  • Connect Wallet Address

By using the SEED.Photo platform you provide consent to waiver any privacy expectation for contact information and personal information if SEED.Photo receives any legal notice, administrative notice, or any other type of complain, dispute or action against your use.

1. Disputes, Complains And Notice Could Include:

  • Contract
  • Tort
  • Right Of Publicity
  • Privacy
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Any other legal, regularity, or administrative claim

2. Copyright Infringement

We are in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA sets forth a Notification and Counter-Notification process initiated by a party complaining of alleged copyright infringement.

SEED.Photo also reserves right to share information of any involved party (notifying, country-notifying, third-party, etc) in case of:

  • Copyright infringements
  • Intellectual property claims
  • Trademark disputes

This is in relation to any infringing property or artwork in question. It will cover all the participants. The shared information will be for the purposes of complying with the DMCA or resolving the dispute, allegation, etc.

As per our Terms & Conditions, we allow parties to resolve their complaints, disputes, or intellectual property issues, contract, etc without the involvement of SEED.Photo.

J. Please Note (Important Notice)

None of our terms & conditions, or privacy policies will restrict us from the following:

  • Complying with the law, rules, regulations of the organizations, associations, and government that we operate under. (DMCA, Trademark, IP Regulations, etc.)
  • Complying with criminal, civil, subpoena, or lawful court order.
  • Compliance with the investigation or regulatory inquiry.
  • Cooperation with the law enforcement agencies and organizations.
  • Taking actions against anything or anyone that we reasonably, and in good faith, believe may be against the law, or violate the laws

In these cases, all the privacy policies and Terms and conditions are negligible.

We have the complete right to protect our rights and our property, enforce our terms of services, terms and conditions, or prevent behavior, or personnel that we may believe is illegal or uethical.

  • Cooperate with law enforcement agencies about conduct we reasonably and in good faith believe may violate the law;
  • Protect our rights or our property;
  • Enforce our Terms of Service; or,
  • Prevent behavior that is (or that we have reason to believe may be) illegal or unethical.

K. Chances To Privacy Policy

We will try our best to safeguard your privacy. Our commitment to preserve your privacy will not change. However, we may learn more and the platform may evolve and improve over time.
We will try our best to keep the users informed about any updates in the privacy policy. We will also present the date of each version to ensure that the users are in the loop. Any material change to Privacy Policy will be followed by updates shared to the users through the necessary means. If any chances require your consent and re-authentication, we shall inform you.

The Policies and other conditions are subjected to change in case of new rules and regulations from any governing bodies, or associated organizations.

L. For Questions And Query

You have freedom to reach out to us and put up any query and question regarding Privacy Policies and more. Feel free to find our contact information to approach us.