Sleep on the boats

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Sleep on the boats
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The coastal region of Bangladesh has been plagued by a series of devastating natural disasters, including frequent floods, river erosion, and other calamities. Tragically, these events have left numerous individuals without homes or properties, forcing them into a state of homelessness. In search of a glimmer of hope for their families and their own well-being, these displaced individuals have been compelled to migrate to the bustling cities, hoping for a better future. Regrettably, upon arrival in the cities, they are confronted with yet another harsh reality – the absence of adequate shelter. The day begins for them in dire conditions, perched upon a pile of dirt, a rickety boat, or a dusty road, only to repeat the cycle as they traverse aimlessly throughout the day. The bustling streets of Dhaka, with their concrete paths, become their temporary sanctuaries, offering a momentary respite amidst the chaos. However, even in these transient places of solace, these refugees remain faceless, lacking any discernible identity. To eke out a living, these resilient individuals engage in a variety of occupations. They become boatmen, navigating the winding rivers, or street vendors, peddling their wares to passersby. Some toil as laborers, undertaking menial jobs to scrape together meager earnings. Faced with limited opportunities, they resort to odd jobs that allow them to subsist from day to day. In the face of unimaginable hardship and uncertainty, these individuals exemplify unwavering determination and perseverance. Their resilience is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, as they continue to face each day with unwavering resolve. While their dreams may be overshadowed by the shadows of displacement and a lack of security, they strive to provide their families with a glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow.

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