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Wildlife photography is a very delicate process - animals are not models and rarely pose. Lions can sleep up to 20 hours a day and no one will wait for you to make a "perfect shot". Leopards lead a secretive lifestyle and try to avoid being seen once again. But with rhinos it is even more difficult - there are not so many of these giants left on our planet (in the photo two of ~ 5.5 thousand black rhinos). Think about it. How many people live in your city? And only 5.5 thousand black rhinos live on the whole planet. In addition to the above, the technical aspects of shooting are also important - light, color, composition, some action in the frame so that it does not seem boring, a lens with the right focal length. In general, i think this one of my favorite photo and called it "Kiss". We can see here that nothing human is alien to these archaic giants, especially when it comes to the relationship between a mother and her child. The photo was taken in Zimbabwe in 2021.

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