The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower

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The "Ivory tower" part of my series Vantropolis It has a special meaning in German, for somebody who is isolated in his "own mind world", where everything is enough to think in such a small place, but this person hope, that the outside world will hear (somehow) to what was thought/said. I would like to invite you to escape into the future, to a place called Vantropolis. Immerse yourself in my future vision of Vancouver, a clean, mindful and peaceful place on planet Earth. I remember it was a rainy and dark night in April 2019. I was walking through the streets of the city of Vancouver and suddenly had an inspiration when I saw one of the modern buildings. It reminded me of a very old science fiction movie. My imagination grew stronger and stronger, and I began to create the first image with the Vancouver skyline. During my creative process, I was inspired by the 1927 German expressionist science fiction drama "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang. Christian Redermayer Be unique with your artwork

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