The doll

The doll

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I love dolls! Right very much. Since my youth, this hobby has not disappeared, and my dolls are still on the shelf. The collection is small, but certain memories and events are associated with each, good or not, it is no longer so important. At one doll exhibition many years ago, I bought a book by the master Marina Bychkova. Her dolls are something! Elegant, beautiful, stunning dolls, inlaid with gold and silver, hand-painted. The book was forgotten, but the project happened. And here's how... A very cool team gathered at the Workshop on the history of Countess Bathory: a bright model Ekaterina and a cool designer Elena. I was on their project for the second time and we talked very animatedly about upcoming projects, and just like that. It turned out that Katya lives in St. Petersburg. And I had a business trip there just in the middle of autumn. At the same time Lena was going there with her cool dresses for projects. Due to illness, my trip was postponed to November. By the will of fate, Lena too. As a result, we ended up in St. Petersburg in early November. The ideas were different: and to go out of town to an abandoned manor. I got the tickets back for the trip. But the weather was cold and wet, the idea was shallow. So it's a studio. And then Lena suggested the image of a Bychkova doll. With the headdress she made the day before. The chip of the image was a crying model. Ekaterina really cried, without auxiliary tools, so to speak. It took about five minutes to tune in and tears poured down like hail. A born actress.

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