The Black Queen

The Black Queen

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The photo project about the French Queen Catherine de' Medici opens my big author's project "Great Women". The idea: to tell the true story of the formation of this Great woman - Catherine de' Medici. Under what circumstances her character was forged, immerse her in the context of time and brush off the interpretations of A. Dumas, to which we are so accustomed. To do this, I decided to divide the project into three shootings: three, in my opinion, key periods of Catherine's life. Three, so as not to overload too much and go into the unnecessary wilds of history. This is the final shoot. Catherine appears in the usual image of the black queen. Why black? After the death of her beloved husband Henry II, Catherine wore mourning, which she did not take off until the end of her life. In this shoot, I wanted to show the loneliness of the great queen, who managed to keep France in difficult times of religious conflicts and threats of war with Spain. She was devoted to her children and the country, which did not immediately accept her, until the end of her days. Having lived to the age of sixty-nine, Catherine buried almost all of her sons. Less than a year after her death, the last Valois on the throne, Henry III, died. The costume has long been ready from the designer of the historical costume Elena Ship. The most difficult thing was to find a model for Catherine de' Medici at the age. We met Victoria on a shoot for a celebrity. She fit perfectly into the image of my heroine.

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