Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart

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This project can rightfully be called the most significant. Because it all started with him: my passion for historical photography, my first publication in a magazine, with this shoot I entered the top 35 staged photographers for the first time according to the 35 AWARDS. I was inspired by the movie "Two Queens". The film takes place in 1561. After the death of her young husband Francis, 18-year-old Mary Stuart returns to Scotland. She is a Catholic and by blood has the right to claim the throne of England, which greatly unnerves the current Protestant Queen Elizabeth I. The preparation of the shooting took 6 months. I found the costumes from the designer of the historical costume Elena Ship. It was our first job. I was looking for models similar to the heroines in the movie. Margarita later starred in many of my projects, as did Antonina. Recently, I have processed photos in a new way, because I have learned a lot since the shooting.

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