Harwood Building

Harwood Building

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1245 Harwood is set within a tree-lined street consisting of buildings of different heights. This stunning architectural tower is a brilliant addition to this lively and eclectic neighbourhood in downtown Vancouver. The building rests on a series of terraced gardens, which preserves the beauty of Mother Nature. The predominant feature of the eastern garden is a magnificent 110-year-old tulip tree. This building eludes every form of elegance with rounded north and south ends of the tower. The image was part of my submission to the Master Photography International and earned the Judges choice award in Commercial Photography in 2021. Harwood Buidling is part of my series VANTROPOLIS I would like to invite you to escape into the future, to a place called Vantropolis. Immerse yourself in my future vision of Vancouver, a clean, mindful and peaceful place on planet Earth. I remember it was a rainy and dark night in April 2019. I was walking through the streets of the city of Vancouver and suddenly had an inspiration when I saw one of the modern buildings. It reminded me of a very old science fiction movie. My imagination grew stronger and stronger, and I began to create the first image with the Vancouver skyline. During my creative process, I was inspired by the 1927 German expressionist science fiction drama "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang. Christian Redermayer Be unique with your artwork

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